sjb asked:
miss you guys :( 2011 was a good year

I miss 2011, too, man. Been through some shit but I think I’m getting back into this blog. I just made seven new posts in about a half hour so you guys will deff get that in the next few days and hopefully much more. I feel a change coming. I missed all y’all Gambinos. Let’s bring this shit back.

stolenhence asked:
You should post a message asking fans to purchase Camp on iTunes even if they bought the CD. I think for the quantity of free music CG's made available over the past few years, he deserves the extra bump in sales and publicity from being the number one album on iTunes. Just consider it $8 to pay Mr. Glover back for I Am Just A Rapper 1&2, Culdesac, and EP.

Ya’ll here this? Do this. This album alone is worth the $8, not to mention all of the albums and free songs he’s given us over the years.

Buy Camp on iTunes, make Gambino #1, then sit back and bask in the swag shower that is  Camp.

Now please. Ya’ll rock. :)


Request your favorite Camp lyrics. Aaaaand, go :) ?